My Expectations from Modi 3.0: A Call to Action for Change

My Expectations from Modi 3.0: A Call to Action for Change
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters / Unsplash
Tue, 04 Jun 2024

In a recent tweet, a well-wisher of Prime Minister Narendra Modi outlined ten key expectations from him as he prepares to lead the country once again in the next general elections. The list is a candid reflection of the concerns and aspirations of the common man, who hopes that Modi 3.0 will bring about meaningful changes that impact their daily lives.

Firstly, the tweet highlights the need for improved infrastructure, specifically in the transportation sector. With millions of Indians relying on trains as their primary mode of travel, the author urges the government to focus on upgrading regular train services, rather than just catering to the needs of a select few who can afford Vande Bharat Express. Similarly, the tweet calls for tax reforms, emphasizing the need to increase the tax base and reduce the burden on those already paying taxes.

The author also expresses concern over the IT cell's handling of criticism. They argue that constructive feedback is essential for growth and development, but the current system tends to suppress dissenting voices instead of engaging with them in a meaningful way. Furthermore, the tweet demands action against external forces that seek to undermine India's internal affairs, as well as an end to the culture of appeasement towards certain minority groups.

Finally, the author emphasizes the importance of effective communication and governance. They suggest that Modi 3.0 should prioritize creating a transparent and accountable system that keeps citizens informed about the government's policies and initiatives. By doing so, the Prime Minister can build trust with his supporters and demonstrate his commitment to serving the people, rather than just relying on grandiose gestures or tokenistic concessions.