Casteist Narrative Seeks to Erase Persecution of Tamil Brahmins

27th May, 2024.

In a shocking revelation, Nupur J Sharma, Editor-in-Chief of OpIndia, has exposed a disturbing trend on social media. According to her tweet, some individuals are now attempting to downplay the persecution of Tamil Brahmins by labeling their experiences as 'casteist.' These critics argue that the very mention of persecution is an attempt to dehumanize one section of Hindus.

Sharma points out that this narrative is eerily similar to the one peddled by leftists in the past. During the time of Kashmiri Pandits' exodus, these same leftists claimed that the community's persecution was not a result of religious intolerance but rather their own insularity. Similarly, Sharma notes that some are now trying to justify the persecution of Tamil Brahmins on the grounds that they were privileged and wealthy.

The crux of the issue lies in the fact that these critics refuse to acknowledge the inherent value of every human being's experience. They argue that because other castes were also persecuted, the suffering of Tamil Brahmins should be ignored or downplayed. This stance not only ignores the historical context but also perpetuates a toxic narrative that seeks to erase the experiences of certain communities.

Sharma concludes by emphasizing that every Hindu who has faced persecution is indeed a victim, regardless of their caste. She urges people to shun those who peddle such harmful narratives and instead focus on promoting unity and understanding among all Hindus.